Recipients of the 2017 Governor's Awards for Excellence in Science

The recipients for the 2017 Governor’s Awards for Excellence in Science are:

For Excellence in Scientific Research:

Dr. Dean G. Kilpatrick

Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry / MUSC

For Excellence in Scientific Awareness:

Dr. Michael G. Schmidt

Microbiology and Immunology

College of Medicine, MUSC

Young Scientist Award for Excellence in Scientific Research:

Dr. Chen Li

Department of Mechanical Engineering /

University of South Carolina


The South Carolina Academy of Science (SCAS) was organized in 1924, and in 1927 the Academy affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Publication of the Bulletin of the Academy begin in 1935 and in 1973 the Newsletter was established as a vehicle for communication among members. Beginning in the 1960's, industry and business joined academic institutions in support of the Academy and have helped to set goals to aid and improve the development of science in South Carolina.