South Carolina Junior Academy of Science

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The South Carolina Junior Academy of Science (generally referred to by its acronym SCJAS) is an organization aligned with the South Carolina Academy of Sciences (SCAS). Our main focus is to organize opportunities (workshops and conferences) to enable South Carolina Middle and High School students to expand their STEM knowledge and share their scientific achievements. In addition, these same workshops and conferences should enable MS and HS teachers to likewise expand their STEM knowledge as well as support their pedagogical development as STEM teachers.

For nearly 10 years, Dr Tom Reeves served as Executive Director of SCJAS, growing this organization into one that now attracts well over 300 student researchers to our annual meeting in the spring. Under his leadership, and with the strong support of Tammy Taylor (Program Coordinator of SCJAS) our organization is on sound financial ground and continues to grow. Both Tom and Tammy have moved on to new positions though still provide an invaluable service to this organization. I have accepted the invitation to serve as Executive Director of SCJAS and assumed that role in April of 2014. I look forward to working with all SCJAS members (students and teachers as well as a large group of STEM professionals committed to this organization).

As way of introduction, I currently serve as the Coordinator of Science Education at Furman University. I am housed in the Office of Integrative Research in the Sciences – an office focused on strengthening the STEM opportunities for Furman students and all students and teachers (K-16) with an interest in STEM. In my role, I manage a wide variety of Science-focused outreach efforts including ; middle school mentoring program, summer research opportunities for HS students and teachers, a STEM focused scholarship program at Furman, loaning program that provide equipment and supplies to teachers in the upstate and throughout the state. Essentially I leverage Furman and statewide resources to support STEM education throughout South Carolina. I look forward to working with teachers, students and STEM professionals from throughout the state as we continue to grow and strengthen this organization. You should always feel free to contact me (whether by phone or e-mail) with any questions, comments, concerns etc. While I am honored to lead this organization – always know there are many, many individuals that are needed to deliver the quality workshops and conferences each year. Thank you for your support of STEM education!

- John G. Kaup, PhD

Executive Director, SCJAS
Coordinator of Science Education, Furman University
(864) 294-3773